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Floating Lanterns by Vichaya Glass Print

Premium Glass prints are made on 5mm-thick toughened glass. Prints are applied using a proprietary technique to the reverse of the polished and bevelled glass. All items come with a 3M metal hanging hook(s) pre-installed, ready to hang - and completely invisible from the front.

  • Product Type: Glass Print
  • Collection: New York, New York!
  • Material: Glass 5mm
  • Theme: Art
  • Colours: Brown, Orange
  • Style: Kids
  • Look: Vintage

Incredible Colours - Original HP EcoLatex inks, combined with glass, produce incredibly bright and vivid prints, which will wow your customers.

Bevelled and Polished - We cut and finish our glass sheets in-house. Each piece is bevelled and polished for a perfect gallery-style finish.

Integrated Hanging Hook - Traditionally glass prints required 4 corner holes to be drilled, and a specialist mounting system to be used. This resulted in an unattractive appearanceand required customers to precisely drill 4 holes in their walls.

With our glass prints, the hanging hooks use a special adhesive system from 3M. Each hook can carry 8kgand is completely invisible from the front. What is more, customers can simply hang the prints like they would any normal picture.

Proven Packaging - The biggest development hurdle when adding glass prints to our range was breakages in transport!Over 6 months we developed and tested many systems of packaging, before settling on our current method, to ensure each glass print or set arrives with your customers intact.


Estimated delivery: 1 - 7 Days.