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"Make Your Home Elegant With One Light!"

✅ Rated Best Light Design of 2019 by Ideal Magazine
✅ Comfort Kids Who Are Afraid Of The Dark!
✅ Automatic Motion Sensors (Home Of Efficiency)
✅ Perfect for Kitchens, Corridors, Closets, & Dark Corners
✅ Exclusive Design to Us, Not Found In Stores
✅ Slick & Elegant Design To Suit All Households
✅ Save Up To 30% On Household Energy Usage!

UNIQUE HOME DECOR- A beautiful addition, adding the finishing touches to your home, making it feel brand new. Luxury Look, without the luxury price tag. Its unique design provides a 'Lighter Than Air' feel, which our customers love!


AUTOMATIC MOTION SENSOR - Who wants to do the macarena just to turn on a light... Illuminate is of handcrafted premium quality. Automatically sensing your presence with a 120-degree sensing range and a 4-meter sensing distance. Plus it stays off during the daytime to preserve energy. Our motion sensors can tell the difference between daytime and night time, now that deserves a buy!

"The Most Efficient Working LIght." 


THIN & SUBTLE DESIGN - Our IlluminateStrips were designed with a thin elegant look to add that bit more luxurious feel to it! Its 14mm Thickness means you can add it to your stairs, closet, kitchen and more and have it blend into its surroundings due to its subtle design! 

ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL - Our IlluminateThin is made with efficiency and top quality material so help it last longer. It's safer to use than ever before and its material provides it with a Thin, Lightweight Feel, making it effortless to use!

What are the Specifications?

High-Quality Aviation Aluminum & PC
USB Rechargeable 
120° Detecting Angle
14mm Thickness
45mm Width
38LEDs - 23cm / 1.4w Power
70LEDs - 30cm / 3.0w Power
103LEDs - 40cm / 3.2w Power
20 Centimetres, 30 Centimetres & 40 Centimetres Variants 

2 Modes: Always ON & Induction Mode (Motion Sensor Activation)

Charge Time: 2 - 4 Hours (Sizes Vary)
Lasts 4-8 weeks depending on usage (Applies to Induction Mode)💡




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