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Intense, Dark Made-to-Measure Wallpaper Waterproof for Rooms Bathroom Kitchen

Modern and bold, Intense Dark combines midnight blue and sandy tones with a repeating Rorschach ink blot-inspired pattern. Intense Dark is both modern yet timeless, adding a unique feature point to your interior.

Experience the future of wallpaper: beautiful designs, made bespoke just for you.

Each Maisomio wallpaper is uniquely made to your measurements and specifications - no two wallpapers are exactly the same. Simply enter your dimensions, choose your material, and even choose your colour.

Stunning designs from leading artists & designers

Maisomio designs are created by leading designers and prepared digitally in ultra-high definition for incredible detail.

Exceptional quality as standard

A fully-digital high-tech manufacturing process, combined with only the highest grade materials and inks, means each Maisomio wallpaper is made to the highest finish.

Installing wallpaper has never been easier

Simply apply paste to the wall before applying the strip - no overlapping, and minimal trimming required. Alternatively, with our new self-adhesive paper you don't even need wallpaper paste!

Seam-free with no overlapping

Using Italian precision-cutting machinery, our wallpaper strips are cut so that each strip lines up perfectly. No need to overlap means a perfect, seam-free, finish on the wall.