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Personalised Photo Puzzle

Personalised Photo Puzzle

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Turn Your Photos into Fun Puzzle Games

The photo puzzle is a special gift for family, children, that special person in your life and ideal for all those special occasions like Birthdays, Christmas, Christenings, Anniversaries, Wedding presents, Valentines, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day ...

How to send the image:

**Note: Please send us a high-quality photo for the best print quality. 

​ Picture Made into a Puzzle

  • Relive your best memories with every piece
  • Vibrant colours and great surface gloss
  • Machine-stamped cardboard pieces
  • Display as a decor item once it’s finished
  • A great activity for a family get-together
  • Gloss finished cardboard
  • Comes in Printed Box
Number of Pieces:
  • A3: 300pcs (20pcs x 15pcs)
  • A4: 120pcs (15pcs x 8pcs)
  • A5: 80pcs   (10pcs x 8pcs)
  • A3: 295 x 405mm,  Box: 210 x 150mm
  • A4: 198 x 292mm,  Box: 150 x 105mm
  • A5: 202 x 146mm,  Box: 150 x 105mm
Image requirements:
  • A3: 2380 x 1770 pixel
  • A4: 1754 x 1205 pixel
  • A5: 1190 x  874  pixel
Other information:
  • Please choose clear, light, sharp and high resolution original image for the best results.
  • No invoice in the package (you can send it directly as a gift).
  • The puzzle comes in a few larger pieces so you can check the quality. You'll have to disassemble into small pieces. If you are sending it directly as a gift and you want it in small pieces, please let me know in a message. Dispatch time can be longer in this case.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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