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April 13, 2021

A house offers many opportunities in terms of interior design, and there are no limits on how creative you can be. Would you like to transform your house into a true Man Cave or She Shed? Then let us give you a few design ideas and we guarantee you’ll be inspired.

She Shed ideas

Craft room

A house is perfect for setting up a craft room where you can let your creativity run free. It offers plenty of space for storing your craft utensils and lots of work surface too. Dive into your creative world and create your own masterpieces.

Reading room or a library

Would you prefer to lose yourself in your favourite books, but want a cosy space where you can enjoy them in peace and quiet? Then why not set up your own small library with a reading corner in your house? Hang shelves and fill them with your favourite books to experience them in a whole new atmosphere.

Sewing room

Is your passion sewing? Then set up your sewing room in your house! Find a place for your sewing machine and cutting table, and organise your fabrics, yarn and small items such as buttons in a beautiful cabinet system. Here you can be creative and discover the fashion designer inside you.

Wellness space

To relax after a long day, a sauna or a hot tub is just the thing. With a wellness room in your house, this relaxation oasis is just a stone’s throw away and you can enjoy relaxation at any time of the day.


Would you like a unique lounge area where you can spend convivial evenings with your friends? Create one in your house. Here you’ll have enough space for a lounge area, a TV and a small fridge to keep drinks chilled.

Man cave ideas


If you’re technically minded, a workshop in your house is just the thing for your small projects. Set up a workbench with all your tools and start fixing.


Many people would love to have their own bar, and you can make this dream true in your house! Set up your own bar counter with bar stools and a beer dispensing machine, and give your bar a unique name. Your will become the favourite meeting place for all your friends.

Sports room

It doesn’t matter if it’s Formula 1, football or tennis – you’re a devoted sports fan. So a sports room is perfect for you, and your house offers the ideal location! Here you can watch your favourite sport in front of the TV and enjoy a cold beer with no disruptions. If you choose a bigger house, you’ll have enough space to set up a game of table football as well.

Band room

Do you need a new rehearsal room for your band? Why not turn your summerhouse into a band rehearsal room? Here you have enough space to set up and play your musical instruments without disturbing anyone. Of course, you can easily soundproof your house. And if you choose a bigger option, your house can also be converted into a small recording studio.

Game room

Your house provides the perfect place to set up a games room. A pool table, slot machines, a poker table or darts – you decide what to put into your games room. The bigger the summerhouse, the more of your favourite games you’ll be able to fit in.

Have you found the right design idea for your house? Or are you still looking for the perfect one? Take a look at our wide selection to find the perfect option for your Man Cave or She Shed!

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