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Anti Allergy Duvet 4.5 Tog Summer

Anti Allergy Duvet 4.5 Tog Summer

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Duvets are available in a variety of togs. Togs tell you how warm you will be when sleeping under the duvet. The lower the tog, the cooler you'll be. So you need a lower tog for Summer (4.5 tog) and a higher tog in Winter (13.5 or 15 tog). If you prefer to stick to just one duvet all year round choose a tog rating of around 10.5. Choose low togs for young children as they get warmer quicker than adults and older children. Our duvets are all UK standard sizes, so are a suitable fit for all standard beds and duvet covers. Super King 260 cm x 220 cm, King Size 225 cm x 220 cm, Double 200 cm x 200 cm, Single 135 cm x 200 cm.

Box Contains:

- 1 x Duvet.

Estimated Delivery: 6-8 Days.

Shipping: It can only be delivered to the UK mainland.

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