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Spin Scrubber, 360 Cordless Tub and Tile Scrubber, Multi-Purpose Power Surface Cleaner with 3 Replaceable Cleaning Scrubber Brush Heads, 1 Extension Arm and Adapter

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  • ✿ SAVE Your BACK and KNEES -- No elbow grease required. Relax your knees, shoulders, and back. Use our Lightweight and powerful Spin Scrubber included long extension handle to clean tight and hard to reach places.
  • ✿ Perfect for Multiple Cleaning Tasks -- Automatic cleaning scrubber can be used indoor and outdoor, it's great for curves, tile, sink bowls, toilets, bathtub, door slots, shower windows, it also cleans car tires and mags well.
  • ✿ Scrubber and Cleaner --- The Spin Scrubber can be used to work through soap scum, mildew, grime, Flexible bristles gets into cracks and crevices with supreme effectiveness!(Give Gap Cleaning Brushes)
  • ✿ Portable Cordless Design -- The 360 degree high rotate speed meets your need of long working duration to clean and wipe the dirt thoroughly without interruption.
  • ✿ Say Goodbye to Harsh and Abrasive Cleaners --- Our Spin Scrubber’s flexible bristles mold into cracks and crevices, corners, and shower tracks for a super clean without chemicals.

Product Description

-- Refresh Your Bathroom, Floor, Wall, Bathtub, Kitchen and More.
-- Relax Your Knees, Shoulders, and Back.

✔Detachable for easy storage: Our scrubber is made up of three detachable parts, convenient for your easy installation and space-saving storage.

✔Round Bristle head: Round Bristle head is perfect as a concave cleaning brush for your bathtub or sink.

✔Flat brush head: Flat brush head is used to clean flat surface area, like patio furniture or tile floor.

✔Corner head brush: Corner head brush is great for cleaning grout, corners and tight places, even bicycle wheels.

Your cleaning helper

- Our Tub N’ Tile Power Scrubber allows you to deep-clean even hard to reach places.

- With the 21-inch extendable handle, you no longer need to constantly stretch up or bend over to reach all the corners and angles in your tub or shower.

- If you have back pain, arthritis or you just want to clean your bathroom faster, our Tub N’ Tile Power Scrubber will make cleaning a breeze.


SIZE: 44*6.5*5 in

Package Size: 21.3*9*3.5 in

Weight: 3 lb

Material: APS+PP+Rubber

Power Supply: AC110V-220V 50HZ

Charge Cable Length: 40 in

Battery: DC 3.6V

This item is a multifunctional power cleaning spin scrubber which comes with three scrubbing heads for wide applications. Made of hard plastic, it is sturdy and soft for grip. With such a practical cleaning helper, you'll save more time and effort while doing house work.

✔Package List

1 * Electric Scrubber
1 * AC adapter
3 * Brushes